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Boat Appraisal Services

Do you have a boat that sits in expensive storage all year? Are you trying to determine the value of your assets for a divorce or estate planning? Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or determine the market value of a boat, it’s crucial to work with a reputable appraisal service.

That’s where Boat Service Appraisal LLC comes in. We provide honest boat appraisals and have a long track record of exceptional service. Our team of experts takes a detail-oriented approach to appraisals and provides high-level written reports for our customers. We’re confident our appraisers will be able to accurately value your vessel with an honest valuation you can use to make the most informed decisions.

Call (985) 312-9884 to connect with our team and schedule an appraisal at your earliest convenience.

Comprehensive Boat Appraisal Services

When you need your boat appraised, you should get in touch with the experts at Boat Service Appraisal LLC. Our experienced team offers comprehensive services and has worked hard to establish a reputation for quality. We’re a trustworthy team accountable to our clients, and we have strict criteria for determining the value of a boat.

We consider a range of factors during our appraisals, including the following:

  • Controls/steering
  • Electrical
  • Cooling
  • Exhaust systems
  • Engine mounts
  • Engine surveys
  • Storm damage
  • Accidents
  • Registration history
  • …and more!

Unbiased Boat Appraisal

When you need a boat appraisal, you should expect to receive an honest, unbiased report. When you partner with Boat Service Appraisal LLC, that’s exactly what you get. Our technicians offer detailed, accurate appraisals for our clients and are familiar with a range of vessels.

Before completing our walkthrough, our appraisers will meet with you to gather information about your boat's ownership, insurance, and accident history. Our team is thorough and leaves no stone unturned. You can rest assured that the appraisal we complete will be fair and unbiased.

Efficient Boat Appraisals

When you’re looking for an appraisal for your personal or professional boat, you deserve to receive a prompt and thorough inspection. Our technicians appreciate the need for efficient service, so we work hard to complete our reviews and draw up professional reports.

From power boats to sailboats and everything in between, our licensed appraisers are dedicated to their work and go above and beyond on your behalf. We prioritize customer satisfaction and work efficiently to gather data for our appraisal reports. No matter the size of your vessel, our experienced appraisers will be able to satisfy your needs and determine the market value of your boat.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact Boat Service Appraisal LLC for a Boat Appraisal Today

Whatever the reason, you can depend on Boat Service Appraisal LLC for an honest boat appraisal. Our industry expertise and years of experience make us excellent candidates for your next appraisal. We’re dedicated to our customers and have a proven track record of thorough and accurate inspections.

Our team is happy to address your questions and concerns during a no-obligation consultation. We’re confident we’re the best option for reliable appraisals.

Call (985) 312-9884 to speak with our appraisers and schedule an inspection today.

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