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Important Considerations

The importance of a good diesel fuel separator can save your entire operation. If your engines do not work , you will start spending money. Dirty diesel fuel is one of the most common factors for vessel shut downs and accidents . And properly trained crew members to know how to use this equipment is a major operational factor.

This is one example of things that will be considered in your evaluation for buying a vessel.

There are thousands of things to consider when buying a vessel -boat.

What will be the main purpose of the vessel ,pleasure or to be put to work , example for an oil company. What we can do is make sure that your money invested will be in a quality boat . Send me a e-mail with any questions . I have 35 years of experience Internationally and domestic. With a broad knowledge and understanding vessel quality , insurance costs , crew cost , devaluation , and general investment. Hope to hear from you , have a great day!

Bryan R Veregin C.E.O.

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